Safety is always our First Priority

Through this pandemic, we are implementing new safety precautions to help ensure the health and safety of our community. This includes new staff protocols, social distancing markers, and much more. We encourage you to understand the safety precaution our team will be taking on your next visit to Flub's.

Our Cleaning Procedures

Every single night, our store is completely cleaned, from top to bottom by a professional cleaner.  This includes the outside of the building. In addition, all of our Ice Cream Machines are deep cleaned daily. Our staff also ensures that all of our product containers are completely clean to ensure the freshest product that we can offer.

Social Distancing

We have set up clear markings throughout the store to help you follow Social Distancing. Please try your best to maintain 6 feet of distance 

Capacity Limits

In our Fairfield location, we only allow 1 party to enter the store at a time, to ensure social distancing at all times.


As you visit, you will notice that our staff is wearing facial coverings. We ask you to do the same at all of our locations, and require it inside of our Fairfield location.


Our employees must wash their hands every 30 minutes,  and will do so after handling cash, entering the building, and using restroom facilities.


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