The Beginning

We trace our roots back to 1966. Our founders Mike Connaughton & Ann Connaughton purchased "The Dari-ette" as it was it originally named from George & Louise Waggonfield. Mike, an intervention school teacher, was looking for a job to do during the summer. Our original location opened the following year, and served cups, cones, and shakes. Then later along, we would introduce our most popular item, the cyclone! We started with the original 13, but more were added as the years went on. Mike and Ann has 3 children, Michael, Steve, and Brian. All of them liked working there, but none had interest in taking it over, as after all, it was simply a hobby for Mike. Our founder, Mike was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and died on Mercy Sunday in 2004. We strive to continue his legacy in all the work that we do.

2nd Generation

In March of 2003, Brian took over ownership of our store. Brian had worked as a manager for a long time, and was ready to take ownership. Jodie, his wife, also had been a manager at our original location, and is a large help in running our business. Brian and Jodie have 3 children, Noah, Grace, and Liam. All 3 of which work at our locations today.

Our 2nd location

In 2006, Flub's opened our second location in the new Village Green Complex. This location was very different from our original. First of all, customers would walk inside instead of going to a window. Second of all, we had more offerings. We offered ice cream pies and ice cream cakes for the first time. But there was still more to come.

Flub's on wheels

In 2010, Brian purchased a former delivery truck and converted it into the first Flub’s-Mobile. The truck offered cups and cones and sprinkles and Krunch Kote. We attended Village Green Concerts, Fairs, and more! In 2016, a second truck was added to our fleet.

The New Hamilton Flub’s

In 2012, we moved two doors down at our Hamilton location to the former Car Garage. The new store was almost 3 times the size of our original location. The large location allowed us to offer more, including shaved ice, pies and cakes, and a Drive-Thru! Now you didn’t even have to get out of your car for a delicious treat! The location was an instant hit, and we couldn’t be more happy where we now are.

Our 3rd location

In March of 2016, Ross Flub’s replaces the former whip in the heart of Ross. The new store was a lot nicer, and cleaner than the former Whip. We offered all the items we had at our other locations, and we couldn’t love the support from the Ross community more.