Information regarding allergies

Our first priority whenever you visit us is giving you the best product we can offer while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. With that promise, we have to take into consideration those with allergies and certain conditions. Please know that all of the considerations that we make are in the interest of your safety.

Peanut Allergies

Flub’s is an environment with many peanut products. These products can be found throughout our stores, and with that in mind, Flub’s cannot guarantee a peanut free product. Our products have the very unlikely possibility of coming into contact with each other. We do try our hardest to not have these products contact each other, but we would not recommend the consumption of any Flub’s product to those with peanut allergies.

Tree Nuts Allergies

The environment of our store has two types of tree nuts, almonds and pecans. With the interest of the customers safety, we do not recommend the consumption of any product with toppings, including shakes, malts, cyclones, sundaes, and cones or cups with toppings on them. Our products with toppings still do run the possibility of coming into contact with tree nuts.

Gluten Intoleances

Our Ice Creams and Sherbets are all Gluten Free. We would recommend consuming only products that are without toppings. Including cones or cups without toppings, and shakes, including vanilla and strawberry.