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Hamilton Flub's is



Hamilton Flub's

Sunday: 12-9

Monday-Saturday: 11-9


Homemade in Store

Famous for our Daily Sherbets

One of our hallmarks is our Homemade Sherbets! They're made in small batches in store every day. Plus, some sherbets are offered in fresh varieties, made with fresh fruit in store!


It's More than Ice Cream

A Family Tradition Since 1966

Our Founders, Mike and Ann Connaughton, founded Flub's in 1966. Since then, it has not only been a tradition for the Connaughton family, but a tradition for many to take a trip, (or many,) to Flub's each year!


44 Different Options

Our Signature Cyclone Treats

The word Cyclone is synonymous with Flub's. Our cyclone list offers over 40 different options, one for every heart's content. From chocolatey to fruity, and everything in between, you'll love whatever you get.


Flub's on Wheels

The Flub's Truck is Great for Any Event

The Flub's Truck is the perfect option for any event. The Truck is available to book for graduation parties, weddings, employee get-togethers, and so much more. We can also be seen at many festivals, the Butler County Fair, and concerts in Hamilton.

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