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Flub's helps employees achieve their best.

Gain Work Knowledge to lead you to future success in the World.

Work in a Local Business Environment.

At Flub's, people you meet, employees, and co-workers become some of your greatest friends.

Requirements for a job at Flub's

  • You must be 15 Years Old

  • Willingness to work one Weekend Day (Friday-Sunday) and one Weekday (Monday-Thursday)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flub's hire for people who play sports?

We do hire people who play sports, but Flub's is not the best place to work if you play multiple sports. We're looking for people with schedules that don't interfere with our workplace. You must be able to work one weekend shift and one weekday shift, and we prefer people who can work more than that. If your sports schedule interferes with our scheduling process, your application will be rejected.

If I work at Flub's, can I only work at the location closest to me?

We do not hire for one store exclusively. Our employees are expected to be able to work at 3 stores. We try to schedule you at your preferred store, but that is not always possible.

How long will it take for me to hear back?

Due to a large amount of applications, you may not hear back immediately. It may be longer than a month.

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